Founded in 2009, UAC is Cache Valley's premier fitness facility. At UAC we focus on principles of fitness, safety,  community, inclusion and integrity. We strive to offer the best possible service aimed at helping people of ALL fitness levels improve their quality of life. We train athletes, professionals, young and old and pride ourselves on creating a comfortable, welcoming enviornment for all our members. Our strength and conditioning fitness programs have been proven effective, and deliver unparalleled results. Get in the best shape of your life at UAC, period.

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Within the walls of UAC's 6,000 sq ft facility, you will find we are the best equipped HIIT facility in Cache Valley. From stationary rowers, bar bells, dumbells, kettlebells, bumber plates, Rogue rigs and power racks, jerk blocks, medicine balls, sleds, battle ropes, Assault Airbikes and more, be sure at UAC you will have access to the right equipment for endless strength and conditioning possibilites.


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Community and inclusiveness is our philosophy at UAC. We are a diverse community of people who are making each others lives better. Our community is united, forged through shared sweat and friendships. Our friends, workout partners, class mates and trainers push one another to be better within the gym and out. 

When you join UAC, you not only join a gym where elite athletes, house wives, students, retirees and professionals train, you join a community filled with all types of people focused on improving everyday.





I have been to 3-4 box gyms. There is no better place than UAC. The people are simply amazing and everything is kept so clean. I love the feeling I get here.


Everyone at this gym wants me to succeed. It amazes me every time I get a text from a trainer reminding me to make hard choices. I don't think I could do it alone.


I come to the gym everyday because I want my kids to know how important health is to our family. Sometimes it can be hard with young kids, this can make things complicated but I know I'll always have the support I need. 

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